Loco Chantelle crazy legendary drop rate

So I’m playing Moxie’s DLC and after farming Scraptrap Prime for mods and Lucky 7’s I thought I’d whack Loco a few times to see whats up. I can kill him in about 3 seconds with a corrosive Queens Call or 1 shot kill him with an Ion Cannon.
I killed him 12 times and he dropped 18 legendaries . About half are class mods. Have 6 St4ckbots, 2 Golden Rules , 1 Green Monster and a Dasterdly Cheap Shot Seein’ Dead for Zane. Got a nice roll Nukem and a few other legendaries.

Whats awesome is that Loco is right there when you spawn at the VIP tower so its a very fast in and out.

Nice. I was playing with a splitscreener and killed loco about 10 times and only got 3 legendaries between the 2 characters. RNG at its finest lol

This is RNG at it’s finest. On Mayhem 1.

Lol is that recent? I feel like they nerfed gravewards drops pretty bad ever since m4 came out. Even playing offline shortly after release I’ve never seen 9 drops in one though, I think the most I had was 7.

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Can you pls take a map picture of where loco is? And what zone?

In the new DLC go to VIP Tower/VIP Tower Entrance and he is there.

Nice pic!

Loco isn’t a dude.

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