LOD-File Reduction?

Would anyone please explain the easiest way that they have found to create detail-reduced LOD 1 - LOD 3 (.obj) files using the original LOD 1 (.obj file)?

Anyone, anyone at all, please?

Presumably this is for HW2, since there is no need for LODs for HWRM…


Yes, that is the case.


I was assured some time ago that my HW2 Modding queries would be welcomed by this community.

There really is no easy way without spending money on a program that will lod your files.
The best and most time consuming way is to reduce the model by hand in a modeling program. This does give you the most accurate results because you’re in complete control.
It’s the way I would do them if I wanted superior results.

There is a program that stems from a program called 3D Exploration, which was an old program I used to use for HW1. That program does not lod files but the company reformed and created a new version that will lod files… but I can’t remember what the name of the program was. You have to pay to use it though.


Thank you.

Are you referring to SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author? I do believe that it is descendant from 3D Exploration. If so, I have that in my arsenal, but I was not aware that it lodded obj files… it does however have a tool for “reduction”.

Insofar as hand reduction, which was what I had assumed was “The Way” to do this: Do you have any tricks that might make the process any easier? I am self taught (as are most of us) and reduction is not something I have, as yet, tried my hand at.

I have 3DEX. I used to have the predecessor to 3D Visual Enterprise but I lost it along the way several years ago. I can’t remember what it was called.
It did a great job of making lods. I used it a lot for HW2.

I don’t know about 3D Visual Enterprise program you referenced. It was called something else before. 3DEX has gone through a few revisions.

I also have Right Hemisphere’s Deep Exploration. Is that the program to which you are referring? As far as I know it was the interim program between 3D Exploration and Visual Enterprise.

I am a little surprised that neither Maya nor 3D Max have a specific tool dedicated to LOD creation.

Yes. Deep Exploration is the program. It can make very good lods. It’s totally adjustable. You can decrease or increase the faces with a slider. I used it for a while until I lost it with a pc upgrade. At the time they wanted you to pay for it but I managed to procure a free version. Wish I had backed it up…

I use Max. Been using it for years. Since 2000.

Link sent.

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