Log In For Our Stress Test on Saturday, November 7 @ 4 PM ET

Attention Closed Technical Testers!

We want to test our server capacity one last time before the Closed Technical Test comes to an end on Monday, November 9, and we need your help! Please help hammer at our servers by logging into to play Battleborn between 4 PM and 6 PM ET (what time is that for me?) on Saturday, November 7.

This will be our last scheduled Stress Test and your chance to assemble your Battleborn dream team as we will be unlocking all 15 of the Closed Technical Test’s heroes during the stress test!

In order to prepare for the test, active players will experience a brief loss of connectivity immediately before the test begins. Just reconnect and you’ll be good to go!


do we need to get into a game or just be logged on?

I would imagine that you’ll need to play a game to experience the characters!

Go on, you know you want to!

Oh, and thanks for the advance notice - much appreciated - give me time to forewarn the Wife she’s not hogging the tv to watch X-Factor or Scandal or some other girly crap she’s addicted too!

FFS… yet another Test i will miss, why you do this at times i can never commit too :’(

I would also like to point out this is a ballsy move, putting it on the day after Call of Duty is released.

I myself do not play Call of Duty but i know that majority of people will, and if you want a packed server doing it after its release is bound to take a large chunk of the people away.

How do u get a battleborn code?

any word on what kind of reward we will get for doing this stress test?

WOOHOOOOO but more descriptive.


They probably didn’t get the e-mail you sent them advising them of the times you would be unavailable


I don’t think we’ll be getting any as all characters will be unlocked. Also the ctt ends on Monday so I’m not sure what reward we can benefit from. Unless there is something special for us on the games release.

I am unable to log in for the stress test right now. its saying that the CTT has not started. any help?

I got the same.


okay so different message now, it just says that the battle born server service is unavailable, did we crash it already :stuck_out_tongue:

Crashed already, good job guys! We rock, Battleborn Legion!

Does this mean we did a good job…or not…I’m confused!

I thought it was my bad internet connection !!

Anyways, a side question, which time most of the players are playing online ?
I live in India (so IST), I logged in the morning+noon but found 0 player online in any mode … :cry: :cold_sweat:

As Mellka would say, “Welcome to the Jungle”!

We broke it.

Not sure if we crashed the server already or this is the disconnection they warned us about.