Logan's Gun and Hard Reboot showcase with Athena

(Angry storm Athena) #1

I suppose that those two guns deserve the place among the Honourable Mentions in Top Gear for Athena. Here is the proof:

(Darreltan2004) #2

Amazing showcase! I thought it was Lvl 9 at first but lvl 7 doesn’t make it any less impressive.

That said, this video is more proof that anything elemental works on Athena at 700+ stacks rather than these weapons being Top Gear. The Logan’s Gun is actually pretty good, but the Hard Reboot has no real advantage over a glitch Double Umbrage, which already is pretty underwhelming.

(Angry storm Athena) #3

Thanks much! Yeah, you have a point. And the Logan’s gun still allows you to get to these 700+ stacks while not using the Storm Front, which is impressive in my book. And about the Hard Reboot, you’re right, and I also almost didn’t use it during the showcase. That is my bad.