Logging in on pre seq on Xbox one

When I try to log on to enter shift codes it says “unable to communicate with gearbox software shift please try later” I have tried later many times and no joy any ideas?

Can you sign into the SHiFT web site ok? If so, double-check that your live account is linked in SHiFT correctly.

Yep I can log in fine and it worked ok playin bl2 it’s just not working on pre seq

Odd. When you fired up TPS and hit the start button, did you see an “Authenticating to SHiFT” message on the screen, and did it complete and show “Authenticated” before you did anything else? If you went through the Options menu before this completed, it might be causing issues. (This is one of the things TPS does differently to BL2)

I find this happens when I use the resume play feature on both games.
I just back up to the title screen and enter the game again. The ‘Authenticating’ message pops up and Robert’s your father’s brother, everything is fine again.