Lol - pistol b2

Had this gun for ages since 360 and transferred it to Handsome Collection. This gun is just mad at only lvl50

What kind of FIbber is it?

Without seeing it being used, you can tell that it’s the ricochet barrel Fibber, due to the five digit damage on the card for the level 50 Fibber.

The critical barrel would have four digits.

The shotgun barrel would have three digits.

I have these two links bookmarked.

Which is the best version of the Fibber

Admiral Bahroo’s YouTube - A quick guide to the Fibber pistol

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine found this:

Loot Turtle - Mythbusters: The Fibber

I just saw that @VaultHunter101 has ported and merged the Fibber info Dec 2015. It is very well done.

Loot Turtle’s Mythbusting Fibber Guides (Combined)

Thanks VaultHunter101 and that replaces my old links.