Lonely Empty Servers =(

Got this game a few weeks back. I played the beta and absolutely loved it, but when I bought the game, nobody seems to play multiplayer. Seriously, I waited for about six hours in the matchmaking queue for incursion (I was studying at the time, but just left it open in case I got a game). I checked it and occasionally I’d have 3-4 players found, once a full team, but never an opposing team in order to actually play. Anybody else having this issue? I’m located in New Zealand, is there any way I can get a server transfer possibly?
Great game though - gotta say.

Change your Steam download region to “US - Los Angeles” (settings->downloads) and you will get matches. I’m also in NZ and this did the trick for me… pity about the Lag though, but what can you do…

Thanks heaps mate - will do. Just wish more people played this game =/