LoneWolf Archiver - A fast and open-sourced alternative to Archive.exe

Detailed description & download at: https://github.com/lone-wolf-akela/LoneWolf_Archiver


  • Backward compatible to (almost) any things that work with the old Archive.exe, including Gearbox’s WorkshopTool.
  • Can generate buildfile config automatically.
  • Can extract encrypted .big files of Homeworld Remastered (v1.30 and below); no need for bigDecrypter.
  • Multi-thread support to provide much faster .big creation.
  • Adjustable compression level.
  • Can skip tool signature calculation to further reduce .big creation time.
  • Can create encrypted .big file.
  • Can set an ignore list to skip certain files & folders when creating .big.
  • Compiles and works on both Windows & Linux.