Lonewolf WorkshopUploader - Upload any files to steam workshop!

Here’s a small tool I’ve written to replace Gearbox’s WorkshopTool, which allows uploading the content of any folder as a workshop item.
This means you can upload things like prebuilt .big files and .webm videos.

You can download it at Releases · LonewolfWorkshopUploader (github.com)

To use it, make sure you have launched and login to steam on your PC, and simply edit the buildconfig_example.json file as you want, then launch a Command Prompt and run:

cd C:\path_to_the_directory_containing_LonewolfWorkshopUploader\

LonewolfWorkshopUploader.exe buildconfig_example.json

To give some context here, for long we have the need of a tool to upload custom files to workshop, because:

  • we need to upload the English and Chinese versions of our mods as 2 separate items in workshop. These 2 items have a same large main .big file with different small localization .big files. Using the vanilla WorkshopTool means we need to build the same large .big 2 times. And sometimes we also want to release a standalone mod installer for those who play our mod on GOG, in such cases we need to build the same file 3 times, which is very time-consuming.
  • we also need to upload cutscene videos of our mod, which the vanilla WorkshopTool does not support.

For a long time, we used Valve’s steamcmd tool to achieve this (You can find a tutorial about this here Steam Community :: Guide :: Uploading & Using Steam Workshop for QuakeLive). But steamcmd has some bugs like it won’t update our mods’ workshop thumbnail, and it logs me out of my steam on my PC whenever I use it.

So I have decided to write my own tool to do this - and it turns out to be much easier than I thought and works like a charm.

By the way, if you are interested in this tool, you may also want to checkout me previously released LoneWolf Archiver - A fast and open-sourced alternative to Archive.exe.


This is awesome, thank you! I know exactly what webm shenanigans I intend to get up to with this. :smiley: