Long freezing spells

Playing on an original PS4 slim. Game is fun, everything is fantastic, but sometimes ( either when someone talks on the echo, or spawns a car, or really just most things) my screen will freeze for up to five seconds and my character will end up way further ahead than I could have traveled. Occasionally this will clip me through walls and into vehicles. While this is hilarious, it does make me borderline useless when playing with others. Oddly enough my cousin with the same PS4 has a game that runs like butter. I even initialized my PlayStation to see if that would help, as it has in the past with other games. It didn’t help.

On the other end of things, sometimes the game runs perfectly and smoothly and feels 10/10. But when it doesn’t feel that way it’s a hilariously frustrating 1/10.

Is anyone else having these prolonged freezing spells?
There are a few other issues, ( frame rate, aiming jumping around , vehicles slowing down the game).

My concern is, will it be smooth in the future or did I just buy a new game that plays like an old glitchy mess. It’s way too fun to stay this way. If anyone has suggestions please let me know.

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I’m having the exact same issue. It first started when I connected to a rando online and it happens on every save file I had at the time. I started a new character with no issues until about Sanctuary where it started freezing again.

While I’m not clipping through things, it freezes for 5-10 sec sometimes when people talk or sometimes when I view “Item of the day” on a vending machine. Super frustrating.

I thought maybe it was my hard drive, but no other games have any issues

I have also had the issue with item of the day when I open up shops.
Strangely I played for a few hours yesterday with a very smooth game without opening any shops, completely unintentionally. When I did open up a shop my game started to hit some snags and freezes.
I wonder if this is just coincidence?

Having a similar issue on XB1, although I hadn’t associated it with anything specific. Worst is in combat when the video freezes but the game keeps playing (including audio!)

I think it’s part of the general performance issues that folks are experiencing when playing on-line or split-screen. Hopefully the next major patch will see some improvements. Meanwhile, you can file a bug report using the form linked in the sticky post at the top of this section.