Long loading screens in borderlands 2 even with SSD

So… me and my friends like to play borderlands, while they have an HDD, i have an SSD, however, they got loading screens of 4 seconds and mines are always around 16-25 seconds. I run the game on 50-60 fps on best settings and they 30-50 fps on medium. (also my loading screens are very choppy)

I’ll paste my pc specs right here:

Windows 10 Pro
2x 4gb RAM
graphics card: asus amd radeon hd 7700
storage: 500gb SAMSUNG SSD 850 EVO
1Tb ST1000DM003
processor: AMD A4-5300 APU w/ Radeon™ Grapgics 3,4 GHz
system: 64-bit
Power supply: 500 Watt

if someone can help me than that would be wonderfull, im going to buy a new graphics card this month so i hope that could fix it.