Long q times when there are other games to play

I REALLY think the q times need to be one of the highest priorities. Waiting around to get into a match is just waiting through sheer boredom.

Who has time to be bored waiting for their video game entertainment to start? I LITERALLY have 100+ other games I can play without waiting. Long q times create friction in my enjoying your game. Long q times make me think of your game with dread instead of anticipation.

Put some bots into the mix. Let players join in progress and replace bots. Do anything if it results in less wait time.

Just put pugs together with bots. Put premades of any size with each other and fill in the holes with bots.

Yes I know you are busy on your strict release schedule for your remaining DLC and probably cutting away all resources from this game towards your next money maker. But c’mon, adding bots to the matchmaking mix can’t be that hard or time intensive. Obviously the playerbase is not going to sustain itself nor will the playerbase resolve your matchmaking design goals. It just ain’t gonna happen and it is plainly obvious.

Give us, peeps like me who bought the game+pass on console AND pc, some value for so many dollars. Just put bots in all my modes and unlock the challenges and everything else so I can progress through this trainwreck without so much frustration and waiting around for the ridiculous lack of real players. It isn’t MY fault that your game is failing to retain players. Your choice to only reward players facing other players is making ZERO difference in the playerbase.

Just mix in the bots and be done with it.