Long term End Game - resetting UVHM, prestige, unequipping best gear, ascending

Playing Borderland 2 or TPS at max level is fun. Hunting down and farming for specific items, or seeing how well you can beat up a boss or a mob. But at some point you probably reach max inventory and have trouble deciding what to part with, and you also might feel that your equipment is too good or there’s not enough new equipment to excite you.

At this point I propose that you try the following system to reinvigorate your endgame:

  1. unequip your best gear, put it all in a mule profile, the bank, or sitting in your backpack

  2. as an exception to item 1, you may also decide to carry with you just one piece of old gear. perhaps each time you do this, you can carry 1 more item with you. sort of like the idea of ascending in some rpgs.

  3. reset your UVHM playthrough

  4. in addition, overstuff your backpack if you like. You do that by completing quests that give you weapons/items and then when you want to pick up gear you equip one of the mission rewards you dont want and swap it for something on the ground. So, effectively, as a secondary reward for resetting your playthrough multiple times you could end up with a large backpack.

Other things you can do:
a) along the way, consider your badass challenges and perhaps focus on some of them, maybe even until you prestige.

b) work on prestige in normal vault hunter mode (far easier for most bad ass challenges). perhaps while doing DLC missions or side missions you might have missed in that mode

c) start another character

d) work on achievements



Continuing the discussion from Storage in the next Borderlands:

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I’ve been able to keep it fun simply by doing mobbing and boss runs for grinder material to collect cool stuff with good parts. I also switch up my builds a fair bit (which works with Jack), so the experience changes. When I get binge time, I occasionally do clears of many zones in a row, watching Money is Power stacks get silly. After that, I make EOS give me his lunch money.


My mule characters are alliance runs every character every manufacturer just get to Concordia :sunglasses:

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Just get to sanctuary