Long wait time on ps4 for meltdown game modes

So over the last few days the wait time to play a meltdown game is horrible I’ve literally sat in lobbies for40 min wait for games has anyone else had this issue

Sometimes you have to exit and reenter as it gets stuck.

Yea that what I do I sit 10 min back out. An repeat but I never finds a game in a 2hr span I’m lucky to play 1 game

I had horrible wait times for almost all modes the last few times I played. Can’t check if anything has changed yet, since won’t be home till Saturday but it’s really frustrating.
I had to stop playing the game bacause of it. Kinda makes me sad. I love the game a lot :confused:

had quick meltdown mm around midnight cst last night. capture on the other hand, we tried but couldnt get an opposing team :frowning: