Longbow Slag Tranfusion ft 0.0 OP8

Been looking/farming for this grenade way to long now. Anyone? Can trade almost everything for it.

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I’ve been looking for it for you as well.

just throwin’ this out there buuutt… if you still have the game on ps3 someone over there might have it. You can transfer characters back and forth between ps3 and ps4.

( or if you know somebody that has the game might make the deal for you :sunglasses:)

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I have it on ps3 @Darla, @tesanmartin . Do you know someone who has it? Nevermind, I found him on the forum. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Yep, I use them all the time on Zer0 and Gaige. Fantastic grenade.

Saw your post to tank1er!!!

Thanks a lot if you´re doing what I think you´re doing!!!


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cool man, @tank1er is the guy I was thinking of…glad it worked for ya