Longest Nisha Showdown?

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Good lord…

Pretty obvious the video is looping.
And look at de ammo count.

It’s possible that the guardians are dropping AR ammo, which he (or she) immediately picks up.

Yeah, and the shield happens to drop precisely at 62061 every time beacause … randomness ?
Many other clues to tell it’s looping.

Amp shield probably? Also the amount of money has been steadily increasing so I don’t think it’s on a loop.

I think the number of bodies is making the stream lag lol.

I didn’t watch the video, but I’ve been able to be in Showdown almost indefinitely (where ammo becomes the limiting factor) at the Oculus Lab by killing the Scavs that come out right off the bat (before the turrets get a few kills and the badasses start coming) with Ruthless extending the duration and High Noon upping the gun damage. Not that this is anything to write home about, but once High Noon has your weapon damage up to a decent level, and the enemy density is high enough to sustain Ruthless, you’re good to go.

with my athena i was able to throw a rubber band on the controller to keep it firing and zoomed in while using the rosie and i stayed to 500 rounds because they would drop ammo. i did that for quite a while. that being said i havent watched the video. i was able to do a similar thing with nisha but getting that sweet spot where the guardian throws the ammo and you pick it up can be tricky.

Powerlvld a guy from 66 to 68 in showdown, I used a glitch L4 Hyperion smg . Never reloaded. But I’ve done it 2 times now and both times it locks up when I stop