Longevity of Battleborn regarding Console lifespan/PC/Game type

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So i’m deciding whether to get this on PC or on PS4, I would prefer PC because I have a high end (ish) gaming rig but I have more friends wanting to get it on PS4/I have mild cp and wasd is awful for me.

This got me thinking of another possible issue, how long does Battleborn wish to last? Is it aiming to be a long standing MOBA/Competitive Multiplayer shooter such as LOL/DOTA2/HON/Team Fortress etc or does it just expect to operate for a few years? If it wishes to last then will the life expectancy of the current consoles be an issue? As as much as everyone would love to believe otherwise, online multiplayer on legacy platforms slowly dies down. Would the developers do a re-release on the next consoles etc? Thoughts


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I read the title and thought this was going to be some PC-elitist crap, but I’m pleasantly surprised.

fwiw: PS4, has at least 3 more good years, probably closer to 5. 5 planned content releases should keep the game afloat anywhere for at least 2 years.

With that said: It will probably not surpass the current consoles.

Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

Nah no PC Elitist crap, not really into that, I just thought it might be an interesting point for discussion :smiley:

I would recommend getting it for PC, because you will most definitely get a better gaming experience unless you want couch co-op (and even then, $100 can get that experience with steam controller/steam link combo)

In terms of longevity, it’s impossible to tell. Titanfall is thriving on the PS4, and it’s just about ded on the PC.

The only thing you get on the pc is better graphics. I dont know how the poster above me is saying it is a better gaming experience. Ps4 has a larger community, will last longer (compare pc vs ps4 versions of similar games like evolve, titanall where pc is dead), since this isn’t a twitch shooter or mmo the console controller with the possibility of split screen on ps4 is a far better promise. As far as couch coop on pc, do you wanna work through the hassle of not only potential bugs with your pc version but also buying even more hardware like steam controller and link (steam controller is very buggy for many games and the aiming is NOT as smooth for many people like console controller). Ive tried the steam controller for bf4, rainbow siege, alien isolation, shadow of mordor and it is NOT a pleasant experience with the amount of head ache inducing tinkering and bugs not to mention the fact that you will be at a disadvantage compared to the mouse users.

Bugs aren’t limited to the PC version, though I do agree a console is a better bet for couch co-op. Most of us PC players use LAN or online for co-op, so that’s not a big deal.

PC not only has ‘better graphics’, but it will almost always run better, too, along with a mouse and keyboard being much more precise than a controller.

In terms of Titanfall and Evolve, and their success, I honestly have no idea why that happened. Plus, the PS4 is about 2 1/2 years old, so the PS5 will probably be coming in the not-to-distant future.

It will most certainly not run better in any other way than performance. Consoles have the benefit of uniform hardware without people having to worry about hardware, driver, etc problems. Simply take a look at the support forum of any cross platform game and you’ll see 90% of it is pc players due to their diverse hardware. That’s not to say there won’t be bugs on console. Pc though will always have the Lions share by far.

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