Longlow Quasar broken

I got the Quasar at level 3 and was stoked. But it’s broken. It will shoot off like a proper longbow, blinking out. But then it never reappears anywhere and doesn’t explode anywhere.
It’s just a waste of time and a waste of your expensive grenades.

I’m very disappointed at how completely broken this is.

I have the same issue and I just bought the game on Humble Bundle. It’s 2021 and this bug has apparently been in the game since release. Absolutely ■■■■■■■ pissed the devs haven’t fixed this.

I haven’t tried it recently but I’m on BL3 from the very start and this grenade always worked for me AFAIK though I haven’t tried it recently.
Or at least Quasar in general, don’t know if it has different versions, again, haven’t used Quasar since grenades are usually not worth it for me though lately they seem to be doing some work it seems especially on Moze, or Hunter Seeker on FL4K

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I literally just installed the game a few days ago and I got the Quasar at level 2 and it never worked correctly. Teleported without exploding every single time.

Just made a video: Longbow Quasar works - YouTube
Uploaded just now so may take a few moments more to process better resolution.

Don’t know what you’re trying to say. My user experience is different than yours.

Is it all Longbow grenades that have this problem for you, or is it just the Quasar specifically?

Quasar, though I sold it because it just wasn’t working. I’ll capture a video of it the next time.

This is what you said:

I didn’t have problems with it since release, so this bug is probably local.

Cool cool was mainly asking out of curiosity

If it’s local then tell me how to fix it. I installed it fresh on my pc. I have never had Borderlands 3 on my computer before. The very first Quasar I got didn’t work. I have no idea why you’re like, trying to blame me for having a bug? Either help or shut up.

No need to get salty there bud

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Buddy please… The quasar in this game is a piece of trash, you can’t get so mad about it. It’s like complaining about the Cradle in bl2. Sadly Bl3’s singularities were screwed up so bad ( and I think it’s kind of intentional because the quasar in bl2 was at least for me hands down the best utility nade by a mile)

I thought the same thing about Firestorm when I first found one. But it wasnt a bug it was just how I was trying to use it. Longbow grenades don’t have any arc and go in a straight line. So by trying to throw it like a lobbed grenade I was aiming too high and it just blinks out of existence. They only explode if they contact something.

No clue if that’s the issue here or not but one more thing to rule out while trying to get to the bottom of this problem

Thanks ucfmatt, unfortunately no such luck. I tried throwing it directly at the ground, at a wall in front of me, etc. and nope, it just blinks out of existence. I watched videos of how it is supposed to work, unfortunately mine just doesn’t.

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Ok cool yeah sounds like it’s just broken then

I’d recommend to file a bug report through 2K bug report form, first of all.
Second, try to clear cache on the game and check file integrity through the store (EGS/Steam)
Third, try to check if you have the option to change between DirectX 11 and 12 and see if that helps as well,
Fourth, Check for updated graphics drivers and for minimum requirements for the game (Graphics cards are doing more than just paint an image on your screen), don’t know what else to recommend. But that first point if everything fails because the forums don’t seem to be noticed as much on the developer side even on well known bugs that are global (That is why I’ve said that it must be local because usually all the bugs that I’ve had are confirmed with other players while I can say for sure that I haven’t had a problem with Longbow Quasar)

And no, I’m not blaming you for having a bug, I’m just explaining that this bug was not in the game since release and you can see that people are not coming here to talk about how they have the same problem. And I just noticed that first post was from April 2020 from another user in a topic you resurrected because you’ve had a similar problem but this topic was empty since April 2020.

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Im having the exact same issue. Only it happens with lobbed quasars also. Bounces once, or teleports if longbow…then it simply disappears. Its the only grenade that does that. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

If you look at the grenade its missing its tesla part, found one myself today, it has no electric damage on the item card (level 2 quasar)