Longnail + Systems Purge vs Eclipse/EOS

I may have stumbled upon something, maybe not, and I’d be keen to hear of others experience.
Playing through as Athena, waaaay overlevelled. Eclipse/EOS is 41, I’m 43. I recently went back to Conc after gaining levels to re-tool from mules all my 40-49 gear. I grabbed my 42 corr longnail and while going through my stuff I found a 43 Systems Purge O2 kit, and wondered how it’d go vs E/E… and it rocks. Without the SP I was scrounging around for more sniper ammo while he was in Eclipse phase. Now I’m using 60-70 rounds (plenty of misses in there too…). I’ve never used the SysP before, and it’s shredding E/E.
Anyone else have any other funky combos that take him down effectively? (I’ve tried flakker swap, but can’t do it fast enough).

Are you asking for a way to cheese him with all the characters, or just general kills where he gets his ass kicked?

Other ways to kill him, weapon combos etc where he gets his ass kicked. Looking to try other things etc. Wondering what others think of the sys p.
I don’t find killing him overly difficult with Jack Nish Athena or Clappy. I do with Aurelia, and Wilhelm, meh, only played him once.

Alright then. Though most of these are character specific, here’s my repertoire. (Exluding a good old Flakker swap, since you already mentioned it.

A personal favorite B*tch slap

A collection of videos


Nothing more that a gimmick. I think at its best it can be found on this build.

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Thanks, I’ll check them out tomorrow.

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