Longnail + Systems Purge vs Eclipse/EOS

(Brisbane Greg ) #1

I may have stumbled upon something, maybe not, and I’d be keen to hear of others experience.
Playing through as Athena, waaaay overlevelled. Eclipse/EOS is 41, I’m 43. I recently went back to Conc after gaining levels to re-tool from mules all my 40-49 gear. I grabbed my 42 corr longnail and while going through my stuff I found a 43 Systems Purge O2 kit, and wondered how it’d go vs E/E… and it rocks. Without the SP I was scrounging around for more sniper ammo while he was in Eclipse phase. Now I’m using 60-70 rounds (plenty of misses in there too…). I’ve never used the SysP before, and it’s shredding E/E.
Anyone else have any other funky combos that take him down effectively? (I’ve tried flakker swap, but can’t do it fast enough).

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #2

Are you asking for a way to cheese him with all the characters, or just general kills where he gets his ass kicked?

(Brisbane Greg ) #3

Other ways to kill him, weapon combos etc where he gets his ass kicked. Looking to try other things etc. Wondering what others think of the sys p.
I don’t find killing him overly difficult with Jack Nish Athena or Clappy. I do with Aurelia, and Wilhelm, meh, only played him once.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #4

Alright then. Though most of these are character specific, here’s my repertoire. (Exluding a good old Flakker swap, since you already mentioned it.

A personal favorite B*tch slap

A collection of videos


Nothing more that a gimmick. I think at its best it can be found on this build.

(Brisbane Greg ) #5

Thanks, I’ll check them out tomorrow.