Look at Lore Challenges during missions

Like the title states. I wish there could be a feature to look at Lore Challenges or progress during missions. Maybe not pvp because its so chaotic, but when im grinding challenges in missions it would be nice to be able to see the progress i’m making.

Or sometimes I have more than one challenge I am working on at a time but I forget what ones I have left to do. Obviously this isn’t important by any means, but it would be nice.


I agree !

Sometimes the lore challenge is worded weird or you have to use a specific skill or kill certain enemies and you forget what it was. It would be nice (since I farm my Lore challenges) during a mission to just see if I’m making any progress.

I believe when I started playing I chose Mellka and tried doing her “Furious Upbringing” lore challenge which states to do 30,000 damage with Blade Launcher. I thought it said “Claw Lunge” so here I am doing 2 missions with Cool Down gear trying to Claw Lunge everything. Took 2 hours only for me to see my progress and it was still 0% since I mistook “Claw Lunge” for “Blade Launcher”

I had thought a nifty “Lore Challenge” menu with the Options button was on this game only to find out it wasn’t. Or for example you need to get [X amount of Kills]

During PVE I’d like to know if I’m even close to that or sometimes I “think” I got enough kills but didn’t see the challenge pop up so I keep killing more than I should. A feature to look quickly at the lore would be a tremendous help

Didn’t wanna start my own thread since I didn’t think others wanted it just as much as I do. Glad I’m not the only one

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Same here. I had 3 of mellkas challenges to do the other day. The airborne one, claw lunge, and the blade launcher and i was getting them mixed up and forgot one of them completely.

  • I’ve seen the lore progress pop up randomly, especially with the X amount of damage with certain skills, then it’ll say " X out of 5 lore challenges completed. "

  • BUT, it would be nice just to pull it up whenever we want to check it’s progress to see if we’re doing it right or not.

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I definitely agree as well.
I have on multiple occasions just sat there in missions where I’m specifically farming for lore challenges, just waiting for the challenge progression bar to pop up on the left every so often at whatever intervals they are set to appear.

I was thinking that they could add the lore progression menu in a similar way to the gear menu. The limit for this is that an extra button key is needed. On PC this is not a problem, nor a problem for me, but I know that for console versions or people who prefer to play with controllers on PC, the controller is already fully mapped out.

A solution for that would be to merge the equipment menu since it only takes up half the screen, somewhere on top they could add 5 bars that represent the lore and the progression towards that. Maybe another bar for the Master of ___ in order to make it look better by having it all align.

Please ignore the low thrall kills.


Holy hell you are right! A true genius

Didn’t even think of this. Nice

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+1 to all of this. Basic quality of life features that I’m surprised is missing from the game!

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Im glad this post has such a good response from you guys. I was worried I would be alone in this thinking.

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It would also help to track if the lore challenge suddenly stopped counting. Like Montana’s dash-kill lore that stops working when you pick Shockwave helix for the dash.