Look at this list

300% lyuda
300% Rowans call
300% Lucians call
300% sickle
300% dictator
300% cutsman
300% conference call
300% flood
300% night hawkin
300% kings call
300% hellwalker
300% alchemist
200% melee after phazeslam on face puncher
200% melee after phazeslam on brawler ward
250% unforgiven
250% skeksil
250% flakker
Etc etc etc
Could you please send me a list of anything you have, thanks.
I’m looking for cloning ghast call, 300% or 250% Fearmonger , anointed grenade regeneration after action skill recurring hex grenade. My PSN is LM_MAGLC it looks like lM_MAGlC on PSN