Look for "Blood of the Ancients" with increased SMG ammo and "Shadow of Seraphs" with 47% stats

I have a lot of Op8 items (and lv 72) to trade for them. I got “Blood of the Ancients” with increased RL, shotgun, assault rifle, sniper ammo. Also got some lv 70 Legendaries if you are playing TPS.

Thanks for reading my post! PSN: orange_teacher.

I’ll check my backpacks 4 u.

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I´ll check as well!

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I didn´t have the Blood of the Ancient with increased SMG ammo but I did have some Stockpile Relic with SMG max ammo 85% if you want.

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I appreciate all help, thanks both of you!

I have the Blood Of The Ancients with + 85% SMG ammo and sent u a PSN message / Zerkus

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Thanks much Gunzerkus! I did send you a friend request and messages 12 hours ago :slight_smile:

Smells like … time zone difference :acmwink:

Right now my local time is about 11PM :slight_smile:

5 p m here.
If u are in the game atm I’ll start, join and drop.

Thanks you! I did go to bed but now I can turn on my console again. Can you accept my request, and what item you want in return?

I am there in 5. You don’t have to give anything in return. Over’n’out!

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Im waiting to invite you, thanks much again!!

Thanks tesanmartin and GUNZERKUS again!! Now I got more than I ever wish!

No problem, glad I could help you!

GUNZERKUS: same time zone as me, where are you from. I´m from Sweden.

The black shores of Iceland.