Look for help with Lore Challange

Looking for a group of 4 people to help me with two lore challenges I have left. One is for Boldur I need the team Eldrid lore. Next is Kid Ultra i need the ult 6 more times. Have been trying for these on my own time but I’m just so sick of trying to get a group of randoms to help me. Don’t have any friends that play this game so I need help. Tag is Likabika pm me or add as friend you willing to help we can talk and see when to group up to get these done. Btw is you need help with anything let me know i will help you as best as i can. Thanks for your help.

I’ll help if you are on later tonight; say… six hours from now? I’m also off the next three days.

Either way, i can EASILY get three other people to help. My PSN ID is the same as it is here.

The “Stellar Cast” lore challenge for Kid Ultra can be done solo in story mode with Kid Ultra, actually

Ya i read that after i posted this will try later if this doesn’t work. thanks

Thank you HandsomeCam I’m free pretty much when every. Waited for you last night and sent a friends request hoping to catch you last night. Think you were waiting on a reply from the forms. just so you know thank to the forms and the post under this i finished Kid Ultra on my on so we only need to do Boldur. But still thank you so much for the help.

Yeah, sorry; i didn’t see your friend request until shortly before i went to bed. As i said, i’ll be off all day today, and if we party up, i can find three people willing to help.