Look for Op8 Ahab with mag size 5

Any kind one could help me out with that Ahab? Let me know what I can help in return. Thank for reading my post! Psn: orange_teacher.

Sorry, can´t help you with this one :frowning:

Thank you friend! The Deep Nukem with mg size 5 did work very well but I just want the Ahab for my collection :smile:

I have a lot of ahabs, is there a specific one that you are looking for?

Any Ahab with magazine 5 will be good for me, maybe its prefix is “Deep” I think. Could help me one, thanks in advance!

just kill ghee. it ain’t hard if you know the mechanic. not that long with sal.

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Thank you @Chitsa. I will learn that from you sometime :slight_smile:

Hey @Orange_Teacher.

I don’t know if the Ahab can drop with a Mag Size of 5. Pretty sure it has a fixed barrel, and even a matching grip variant with a “Deep A” (mag boost) prefix seems to cap at 4. Are you certain you’ve seen one at 5? As I have no doubt that I may be mistaken.

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It seems you are right, well unless the info here is inaccurate.


Thanks @Giuvito and @Angelripper for your valuable information :slight_smile: