Look out for the SHORT STICK smg. Heads up. =]

Just a heads up, as not seen it mentioned anywhere (except link below). Gearbox have sent mail to players who log in at the moment, giving a free SMG and a free trinket. Big thank you to them.

Only problem is that it’s not highlighted, so I accidentally redeemed the SMG on my level 41 character I was leveling up, along with some “100 kills” manufacturer rewards.
Luckily I caught it, and I’m enjoying using the Short Stick, which randomly fires flaming balls in a helix at enemies, while shooting. But, it’s easy to miss/ignore.
My advice is to redeem it at max level, once you’ve leveled up to the level cap. The text states that it’s from gearbox, but if you have a lot of stuff in your mailbox, like me, you might skip that.
Hope you enjoy the gun. =]


Oh, and if anyone has a spare one, on playstation, at max level (ish), let me know. I’d be happy to use it with some of my higher level characters, when I finish leveling them up. Please and thank you. =]

Thanks for the heads up! I might not have even noticed that.

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I just noticed it myself, I wonder what GB uses as “continued loyalty” (the mail text) to send this, or does every player get one?


I deleted the mail :frowning:

I colected the mail but never recieved it…

I accidentally deleted the mail, trinket and all. Really wish one time only stuff had some sort of lock on it so you can’t do that…

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Crap, I cleaned out my mail last night before playing the DLC and I typically sell purple gear without looking at it. Thanks for the heads up tho as I’m hoping my other 3 VH’s will have it as well.

I checked again last night and turns out that bit of mail wasn’t in my inbox the night the DLC came out. I hadn’t logged out and forced the patch at the time I checked, so, discovered last night it is in there. I’ll wait until I’m 57 to pull it out. Thanks again for the tip, even if the gun is crap, still nice to know I didn’t burn it prematurely.

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One per profile. Such a wonderful idea.


Honnestly the said weapon isn’t all that great anyways


It’s so dumb that they do that. Thanks for the info.

I feel better then, thanks!

Agreed. It’s not even anointed (at least mine wasn’t).

How about you read my comment.

I didn’t say I deleted it. Because I didn’t. I sarcastically said one per profile was a wonderful idea. Doesn’t matter if you got it or not, one per profile is stupid.
But thanks for trying to shame me, even if it didn’t make sense.

If the manufacturers didn’t send us junk all the time, prolly wouldn’t be as bad.

got it… doesn’t seem to be anything special though

I really like how it’s on a 30 day timer - so you can’t save it for when the really, truly, not kidding, FINAL level cap raise is done. You either get a level 57 or below, or you don’t get one.
(Yeah, I know it’s not exactly an OP gun or anything, but for someone who likes to collect max-level gear, ESPECIALLY when they’re once-per-character… sigh.)

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UPDATE: Just got another one sent to me. Along with a Juliet’s dazzle, a bunch of trinkets and skins and stuff. Not sure if I got lucky or if it’s a daily thing. Keep an eye on your mailboxes every day at the moment, as well as the vending machines (they’re doing an event with legendaries). =]

Yeah, I just got another Short Stick also. And a Dazzle.
As well as a bunch of skins & trinkets, most of which I already had.
Kinda feels like a bug…

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Gearbox twitter mentions sending out the heads, skins, etc. Doesn’t mention weapons, but maybe they meant to include them. I dunno.