Look out for the SHORT STICK smg. Heads up. =]

For me (Xbox) the weapon trinket and the smg “letters” were swapped. So while it said I was getting a trinket, the smg weapon card was displayed and that’s what I received. The trinket said it was the smg, but wasn’t. I also had duplicate trinkets, so be careful what you delete.

I also was able to claim one on an alt, scaled to their level. So it might be available for all characters for a the next few weeks. I’m not sure if it will level up if unclaimed. I guess I can do a quick test.

Yup, it will keep up with your level. I logged in with a level 1 and saw the mail for a level 1 smg. Got to level 2 and checked the mail, level 2. So, you have some time to level up a new alt, if you really want it. Or you can probably trade for it. It’s OK, but there you go. Now I wish I hadn’t picked up the weapons on my level 53. Haha.

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Same here, took me awhile to figure out that the orange trinket box is not really an SMG, never mind what mail subject said.

Reading whatever GBX wrote on Twitter, made me think that they are resending past seasonal rewards, perhaps to help folks who never claimed their Wedding Invitations? That would make sense, but since I claimed all mine when event was active, I can’t verify if that’s the case here.

And if I were GBX, I would probably announce/communicate it a bit better.

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non anointed… vendortrash it is…

I think the wedding invitation went straight into my inventory once I opened the “chest” in the events tab. I don’t think it was mailed, but I can’t recall 100%. If it was mailed, then I imagine they would have resent it to everyone, as I have received skins and juliet’s dazzle already.

I think the Bloody Harvest skins were sent in the mail, but it changed with the Broken Heart’s event. But again, I can’t be 100% sure. Regardless, I do appreciate GB making the effort to help people gear up, at least for the new DLC. I have a feeling that Mayhem 2.0 will require a different approach to farming. I curious to see what its going to look like.

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Yes WI was not mailed when event was active (why they keep changing how awards are delivered is a puzzle to me) - I was referring to the possibility of GBX helping players who did not claim them in time and thus lost their WI/Polyamorouses (quite a few threads about that recently).

I believe GBX promised to look into that, and this email dump could be related to that. Or not, given how I got a bunch of cosmetics and YET ANOTHER Juliet’s Dazzle.

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I have two in my mailbox!

OH wait, they can’t claim them at all?

Yeah, OK, I checked and yup, event isn’t shown. Odd. I had assumed that it was there with the Bloody Harvest. I wonder why they would completely hide the event like that.

Do you know if people were able to claim their Blood Harvest rewards after the event ended? It seems more like an oversight that the Broken Hearts event is no longer visible. I can’t come up with a reason to not have it visible, even when disabled.

Yes, GB needs to help those people out. I also think that all limited-time event items need to come with anoints (preferably a unique one) so it’s more fair to everyone. I was able to run several characters through to get a least a couple anointed items. But other people barely finished one run and got a vanilla one.

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I got a second one in a barrage of old one-time only content. Juliet’s Dazzle and a bunch of skins as well.

Yeah, that was odd. Did one of your Short Stick and trinket sets have their subject lines mixed up, too?

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Yes. Same for my friend in split-screen.


Its a lesser version of the destructo spinner. Just go farm the power rangers in Atlas HQ if you really want a higher level version that is objectively better.

Even though it says they’re Level 57 on some, they seem to scale to your character’s level. Just to warn you.

That would be nice if they did that every time they raised the level cap so your one time legendary items at past level caps didn’t become worthless.


Is it possible to drop the trinket? I redeemed mine but they never showed up in my inventory. If any one has 2 would they mind dropping me one? On PS4

Yeah, I was hoping they’d include the earworm AR and make it a regular thing. Any event only or one-time-only items get mailed to every player after each level cap. I’d be happier about farming the other stuff, then.

I somehow ended up with two of them… lol.

I would like to get a leveled Wedding Invitation in the mail…