Look to trade for a Kaneda's Laser and Absolute Zero

hi i have just been getting legends finally but i have been farming EOS for 4 days now and have not got any single one of ether of these to so if anyone has an extra of that are below lvl 40 i would gladly trade any of the legends i have
the legends that i have are sadly not level 50 or over
i have a level 33 thunder fire
a level 34 omincanon
a level 33 laser disker
a level34 savage fusillade
and a level 33 corrosive sledge shotgun
'so if any of u are willng to trade any extras of the two guns in the title and any of the legends that i have u would like i am willing to do a 2 for 1 deal so basicly i trade 2 of my gun for on of urs
also my xbox360 gt is Sh0tgun Z0mbie

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try to grind your DLC legendaries for the ones you like. if you don’t like the result, Exit out without saving (Dashboard out or sign out), until you get the desired legendary!

I have a Kaneda’s laser but its a tediore and its for like around level 50 i believe…

i have a kaneda’s laser level 33, would trade for thunder fire.

Add me GT: KhoRRo9

okay ill add u i just got the absloute zero to drop so ill trade u my thunder fire for the the kanedas laser