Look upon Shadowtrap, ye mighty, and despair

I have yet to attempt the “leet haxors” mission.


Why does Shadowtrap appearing in the Mutator arena inspire such fear?

What makes him so scary?

He isn’t much scary tbh. He can be countered pretty easily.

But he’s harder than your average boss @ level 9. Really hard if you don’t have the correct gear.

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What is the “correct gear”?

A strong shock gun to take care of his shield, a strong corrosive gun to take him. An Amplify shield helps, but is not important. Specially since BL TPS doesn’t have The Bee (thankfully).

Prismatic Bulwark with the right parts (95% absorb @ level 70) helps absorb his laser strikes.

Essentially, imagine the fight as BL 2 OP 8.

…but you get only OP 0 gear.

Oh, and, Aurelia is too squishy to take him on, imo.

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Dude’s got a ton of health. He also tends to shoot me in the back when looking for ammo.

He has all the health. In the time it takes to kill him, you could have finished the mutator arena several times if he hadn’t shown up.

and then kill the raid boss, restart the game from level 1 and kill the raid boss again.

From the moment that I saw Shadowtrap in Quarantine I knew I’d have to fight him. He was too awesome not to. And intimidating.
And then I got to him. And Eclipse, and EOS. Man it was tough. Maybe Claptrap wasn’t the best choice to go first, but it sure was rewarding to finally succeed.
Piston’s voice actor was apparent, and I think I’d prefer another for Shadowtrap, but he did a good job. And the lines were very well written.

With the right gear & setup, he’s not so bad. He’s rather a bullet sponge and the fight gets prolonged because of it. He disappears and regen’s his shield continually (more bullet sponging). For all the extra time, the rewards don’t seem to be that much better (more green things? really? another Rerouter shield – OK?)

Compound Interest, Laser targeting, ZX-1, Bleeding.

Jack, Wilhelm, any class, Athena.

Dunno about Nisha and Aurelia.