Look who's broak now: El Dragon

He’s the new Galilea. The current broken, in your face, can’t kill me character.

K thx.

He’s already been nerfed and he’s not even that tanky. Give him a break.



Gal still rolls. Dragon I see a lot… getting killed by Gallilea.

He’s always been really good. Just not many people know how to play him. At all.

I do. And he’s God.

I’ll melt you with Oscar Mike

I wish they wouldn’t have nerfed anybody in the first place, but since that’s the general trend he needs an 18% damage reduction too because he hits like Gal used to.

He a glass cannon hit hard and fast but die by being looked at. His health is 984 starting(i think) and his hitbox is biggest compare to anyone else around that much health.
Gal was not op because she did a ton of damage gal was op because she did aton damage, she could take damage, she is the best at cc and moved very fast she had no weakness. If she did a ton of damage and couldnt take any and didnt have 3 cc as well as selfing healing no one who of cared but she has alot of good points thats why she is op.
El dragon does alot of damage but cant take any. ever played him? You will probably get the most kills but the most deaths as well.

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We had a solid team last night, and he was just face-rolling his controller, charging into 3v1 encounters, killing 2 then just running away with 20% health. Over and over. I don’t want to complain, but since complaining and getting things nerfed that we don’t like is the zeitgeist of Battleborn at the moment, here we are.

I feel like if he’s played correctly. He’s an essential part of the group. He’s very squishy so you have to be tactical when you play him. Not necessarily OP in any way though. I wish he were Lol. Let me silence and pull people back to m . Oh and maybe sprint and run while also having a shield! Wait a minute… :sweat_smile:

Seems to me he just outplayed you guys. Also, who complains about complaints on the forum while simultaneously asking for a nerf… Don’t you realize that just makes you one of them?

His clap is still wicked.

It does make me one of them, but apparently ur supposed to complain when u get killed lol.

And it wasn’t an outplayed issue, it was a “he can button-mash through 3 players on a fireteam of 5” issue. Which is y Gal got wrecked by nerfs.

Looking at the forums and these kinds of threads i must ask … Is there ANY character who isn’t broken according to you people ?

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I liked everybody just the way they were before the patch, to be honest =(

Do you know how El Dragon works? When you see his ult be careful, because his jump ability gets a 2 second aoe stun, which can severely cripple a group of 3. He gets damage reductions too. To me it seems you got owned by a El Dragon while he was in his ult.

How to counter? avoid him for the few seconds he glows. Outside of his ult he isn’t that scary. He hits like a truck… But many characters do and as mentioned by others; he is quite squishy.

3v1 and none of you could kill him one of the weakness in term of health characters? 3 could not kill him i am finding this hard to believe.
Next you will be telling me montana hitbox is to small.

If dragon stunned 2/3 with his ultimate + jumpsmash skill it is possible… If the 3rd player isn’t fit to effectively deal with him

Yeah, no. There’s a reason he get so many options for fast movement quick skill usage. He has no innate defense and terrible health, and honestly, DR isn’t even the best choice for him (Unless you try to brawl with him, which has inconsistent results to put it mildly). Stacking speed/cooldown and going for skill damage is great for him. Hit hard, run, and hit again not even 10 seconds later. That’s his style. If he didn’t have damage, he’d have nothing except for the absolute style and swag that’s to be expected of a luchador with Victorian styled robot arms.

This is like saying Boldur is OP for having good defense. People, each character excelling at something isn’t bad when actual weaknesses exist. That’s not OP, that’s good character and balance design. If you get picked of by an El Dragon, you would have likely been picked off by any assassin, the difference being El Dragon is balanced around hit and run, and other assassins can probably actually go toe to toe for more than 6 seconds lol.

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Think I’ma just break down and play El Dragon some tonight lol.