Lookin for players and offering help

I must admit I am truly sad to the old forums go, but thank you GB at least we still have this rather than nothing. so when everyone finally gets here , my gt is rebornhellspawn . I am looking for players to play with, I am offering help, im on alot. it makes more sense to say that than try to predict my actual hours. for those of you that already know me , well, you know im a generous hoarder. and for those of you that are reading this , well , you just read it. so drop my gt a message if you want to play or need some help. currently I am a baroness lvl 41 in tvhm . but that’s my lowest lvl. I am looking to start a co op group ,with people to only play said toon with the group. so hit me up .

also after receiving several request , I feel that I need to make it clear that this is not a “powerleveling” offer. this is a looking for people to play, stuck on mission , boss help thread

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I’ll play with you GT: superMOABman

I have a lvl 48 enforcer and I need help defeating the final boss. Please help.

my gt is The1997DRPepper. ill reach out to ya soon.

my apologies for this week people. I have family in (unwanted) , but hey do the right thing so it will be next week before im on again regularly

GT: VegetaValpo :wink: