Lookin for some farming buddys :)

hey im just looking for farming buddy’s to melt some invisibles, no mic needed but preferred. Add me at armandhammer37. good lootin

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Hey I only have tina dragon keep Pirates booty Hammerlock’s big game hunt but i am down to farm

Add KID_smurf14

add me if you want psn is the same as my name

I am down for farming anything. I got done farm each invincible at least 15 times today except master gee. He’s a bit of long fight. But go ahead and add me if you want. PSN soccerfella101

i added all of you sorry its a little late but im going to be on a lot this next couple days so lets go farm

Ok @jambi1072

yeah im armandhammer37

now would be a good time to mention im only lvl 61 but im gonna get the last upgrade soon

Lvl doesn’t matter. I’ll just jump in your game so that everything stays at 61.

did you accept my friend request?

Yes I just did

Sorry to tell you this but uvhm scales to the highest level player. Not the host.

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Only if he has the second pack. I played with buddy that only had the first pack and it didn’t scale.

Oh didn’t know that thanks.

Yea np. I thought the same till I join his game to take down the dragons.