Lookin to squad up!

Just lookin for fellow borderlanders to kick some ass with, doing side and main mission and will also farm enemiesvif you would like, idc, just really enjoy playing with other people more than single player. My gamer tag is bboy spyder and i will always play whenever i’m on. reply to this and lmk!!!

I’ve been looking for someone to play with since I got it because the quick match doesn’t work, my gamer tag is stoneyj4000

Alright sent a friend request, my gt is bboy spyder

I love to play too. don’t have any maxed out characters yet but I’m working on getting all my characters higher levels

Down to play then? I don’t got maxed out characters either

I’ll play TPS. Got 2 characters I wanna level up. Nisha and baroness. Both are around lvl 15-18 . Gamertag BoneDaddy1991