Lookin' to trade

(Torqueblue) #1

This Trade Thread was directed to Players who have both the Vita and/or PS3. Cross Save function for those who can help with the Pete Items others Can be earned in game.

I’ll Try Here again. Before I get started I’ve already posted on a Trading forum on Gamefaqs and Reddit don’t point me in those directions.

Looking for Level 61 Gear:
Hoplite with A High HP drain
Big Boom Blaster, Nothing too special.
Slag O-Negative Longbow Prefer, Fuse time doesn’t really matter.
Flying Shock Sandhawk with Matching Grip and Stock, Sights doesn’t matter.
Pitchfork, Critical Prefix “NIGHT” with Matching Grip, Stock and Sight, Corrosive element.

I have Pimpernels, Sandhawks, Aside from the shock, Norfleets, The Bee, And Other stuff, Just lemme know what you wanna trade I’ll Put a Full List of Decent Stuff that I have. Just Reply Back here.

In case no one is aware of this. Pyro Pete Doesn’t drop any seraph Items Hence Why I’d like them.

(Selling England by the Pound) #2

He absolutely does.

(Torqueblue) #3

He’s Suppose to, but doesnt. He Drops Crystals but not the items in UVHM. I Have the current patch and ran a couple of test after downloading the newest patch.

(Is this thing on?) #4

While it’s possible that the Vita port is just funky that way, I was under the impression that Pete wasn’t guaranteed to drop a seraph item every time? It’s been a while since I farmed him though, so I don’t remember. The wiki says “a very high chance” (whatever that means?)

(Torqueblue) #5

So you mean to tell me that Pete is only suppose to have a Very High Chance to drop Seraph items where is Hyperius and Gee both Drop Seraph Items 100% of the time. Granted that I’ve only Killed Gee twice and got an Ahab out of it, both times, So that’s not a Big Sample size.
Hyperius On the other hand I’ve killed well over 100+ Times and He loves to drop those Evolution Shields and Retchers, with a Tattler here and there.

I’ve seen Youtube Videos of People Killing the The Bosses I’ve mention a few times in a row and always had an item drop for them. Live Streams of Players Farming Pete and collecting those crystals and being Moody about the “garbage” Seraph Items he drops.
I’m not a Dev nor do I want to be one anymore, But if someone here in the Gearbox forums can Explain why Hyperius and Gee both Drop Seraph Items and Not pete 100% of them time that’d be great.

(Is this thing on?) #6

It’s been a long while since I farmed Pete for gear and crystals - and that would be on XB1 anyway - so I’m a little hazy on the exact details. However, he does have both seraph and legendary items in his designated drop pool. I don’t know if this makes them mutually exclusive or not - as I said, it’s been a while, and the WIki is more than a little vague. I have a copy of the drop rates survey data at home, which should contain some clues - I’ll check when I get back.

That said, it could also be simply the fact that you are playing on the Vita port of the game - I’ve seen some posts of a few funky things that only apply to the Vita version (eg one of the Cult of the Vault symbols in Southpaw S&P is missing from the game.)