Looking 4 a few thingies

So the bank bug hit me finally and I lost everything. Good news is I didn’t keep everything in there, bad news is I want to start the Sheriff Amara build from Derch and those items were LOL.

I am looking for the following:

One Pump Chump

I still have a lot of stuff on my characters including Bloodletter mods, Elemental Projectors, etc.

GT: Zombiesomething

Let me know what you have and what you are after.

I may have unforgiven, I’ll check when I’m at home and send. I have a spare bekah but it’s level 48 or 49 not 50 :confused:

I have all of those some with aniontments. I think one pump chump 300 after phaseslame Just send me an invite. Pbodyjel

I will do it when I get home from work =) and thanx

No problem, not a big deal to help a fellow vault hunter. Gotta prep all vault hunters for the war the presequal egged us on about. Lol

What elemental projectors do you have? I have a one pump chump I can trade.

Not sure if we will be on at same time but I added you as a friend

Send invite

I have an unforgiven and a bekah. Im looking for a pestillence, prefferably gamma burst anointed, roisen thorn gamma burst anointed, red suit shield lvl 50 and atom balm idols.