Looking 4 redistributors lvl53 anointed for gunner

Im looking for redistributor s for gunner or just annointed

I have fire and cryo with after exiting iron bear, the next 2 magazines will have 125% bonus incendiary damage. I’m looking for 160% increased splash damage weapons that I do not have

Ill have too look it up but i think i have a few wapons with that annoint u looking for
If im not misstaken its a corrosive cutsman

I already have that cutsman, do you have anything else?

Ill have 2 look it up. Not online at the moment ill let u know.

Oh…sorry, let me know when you get online please

I will.
At the moment its 17:45 here.
Ill be online in 3 to 4 hours

Ill let u know then.

Sorry man. But i think i cant help u.
Only have 2 shotguns lvl 50 with 120%spash for 18 secconds

You can’t help me with 160 splash gear, doesn’t mean you can’t find something to trade. Do you have rakk attack, gamma burst or Amara phasecast gear?

Ill let u know. But im affraid ive sold those.
I know i had some. But usually i sell everything thats not for mose.

Ok, I have transformer shield for Moze, do you have any other Moze anointed shields?

Yeah i only use transformer.
But have a lot of shields i dont use

I’m only interested in the " gain 75% increased shields and health for 25 seconds ". Could you list which that you have like that?

I know i have a trasformer with those stats but its only a lvl50
For the others ill have 2 see

Only have 2 lvl50 shield with the 75%shield and health boost
A transformer and a re-charger

Really have 2 clear my vault with the useless ■■■■