Looking 4 Xbox One PLAYERS!

Hello, we are looking for players that want to have fun and play competitive! Send a message to >> TheHunt3r 380 or Touketsu Frost , we play 24/7 ! (we work and stuff, not literally 24 hours a day haha)

I would be interested in possibly joining you for some matches to see how it goes… I usually play as Galilea for a primary character, Oscar mike as a secondary if i want burst or Thorn for some burst once again.

My gamer tag is


feel free to message me or send me an invite, I’m always down for some pvp fun

Just messaged you, thanks!

I’m just looking for someone/some people to play with. I primarily use Kelvin, play him like a horror movie monster. Secondary is Miko, if required.

Shoot me a message GT: Squanchi

Gonna revive this :stuck_out_tongue:

GT: Huey Kruthas

Send me a message if anyone wants to start playing. I use Thorn mainly with a little Miko here and there.

CR: 73
Mastery: Rath
Mastery: Deande
Currently working on: Thorn
Future Plans: Pendel <3
Best with: Deande

GT: ZabuzaMomochee

I play Meltdown almost exclusively, I do play story once or twice a day. I like Thorn but she is not quite my cup of tea, if I find someone I like better I may switch soon.

Hey, give mellka a shot. She’s eldrid like thorn, mobile like deande, and melee like rath- and a lot of fun to play.

Thanks for the advice, I think I just might!

Master:whisky foxtrot
Master:Oscar mike
Half way through the new character and a few nodes on a few other characters like miko, ghalt and boulder.
Thorinwhitewolf is my tag. I have a regular team of 3-4 players but we rotate in and out during the day.

I enjoy playing support characters my GT is…
KratosBlaze add me if you like playing story mode I’m looking for people to play heliophage on the advanced difficulty

Bump for XB1 players finding their soulmates