Looking for 1-2 people to start a new campaign with in borderlands

I am looking for 1-2 people to start a new campaign with for borderlands 2 and pre sequel on the Xbox one
I like to play as either Gaige or Kreig in BL2 and Aurelia or jack in BLPS.
I live on the east coast and want to play periodically throughout the week. Typically late afternoon or evening.
I am a looking for a casual game. No grinding or anything of that like. Just all missions and DLC.
I am in my mid twenties and curse like a sailor so would prefer more mature players.
I have played through every borderlands plenty but I am not an expert and sure there are still secrets I don’t know.
None of my friends play Xbox much and this is my first time ever starting a discussion here. Hope to get feedback soon

hello im interested in the playthrough if you want message me at gamertag MusicDjCMCX

I’m in the same boat and would like the same experience with it. Buk0wski77 . Feel free to add whoever sees this.

Save here feel free to add me as well Gt’s DemonBerserker