Looking for 21+ friends

Am looking for drama free adults to game with on the Xbox One. I play quite a lot and would like some people to hang out with. I have a few other friendside and girl friend I game with but they are not always on when I am. Guys and Ladies are welcome.

My Gamertag is: Teddymouse
Time Zone: Mountain

I game most everyday for 3-5 hours.

If you add me please send me a message letting me know you are looking for Borderlands friends.

I need a group for Midnight so I’m down. I’m EST time zone! Will be starting fresh. Played the heck out of BL2 so I have a good idea of what im doing, though that was well over a year ago, so I’ll have to get adjusted again. Add me as a friend and send me a message on Xbox so I know where you’re from. My GT is X Novia X
See Ya tomorrow!

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I’m down to play also . Starting fresh but had a lvl 72 axton on ps3 so I’m def not new to the game just made the switch to xbox n lost it all . Tag is DaUnstoppable25 . Plan to put mucho hours into it , EST zone.

I tend to be on late morning, early afternoons, EST, and sometimes early evenings (or by appointment:))

Over 1,000 hours in B2; OP6 highest achieved with gunzerker, OP3 with Axton. Have played every character to max on TPS.

But just switched to xbox one. Will not bother bringing over saves, will enjoy fresh start, without temptations of saved guns or the buff from BAR.


GT: Night Elegy

Starting fresh tonight. Played bl2 a bit. Not much at end game though. Never played tps.

GT Hektikmonoxide

I play at odd intervals thanks to rotating shifts, but I play a fair amount. I have played previous DLCs, but am starting fresh. GT Patman20xx

I play quite a bit too, at least a few hours everyday. Xbox1 GT: jabinya

I play odd hours as well, but you guys can add me GT: aborence

Sounds like what I need to! Add me gt undefeatdgaul

Gamertag: SaksunSiMpSoN
eastern time zone.

Feel free to add me. Level 15 mechro.

GT: x Rue

I’m looking for players to my gamertag is E40Addict400

Gamer tag Upec

Love the bloodshed tree lol

Looking for friends to play borderlands
GT Space Monkey425

hi man my gt is sicariolikehell on xbox one am looking friends for borderlands

Oh, this looks promising. ^^ I’m looking into doing some online play soon with my Siren (imported save, uppers 40s and built as a controller with elemental support thanks to a Legendary Siren class mod). Since the initial post says you’re looking for adult players, I’d be glad to share my gamertag. Yoshimi Sugai is what I go by, and I usually play late at night or whenever I have time on the weekends for a session. At this time I’m trying not to use my high level character until I’ve finished the first cycle in BL2, since it’s way better for me to run the game normally and relearn some basic stuff.

I’d also like to run TPS as well, once I’ve finished with my first cycle of the game. I use Athena and focus on using a melee setup for the time being.

Add me, or send an invite if you’re looking for a BL player with some prior experience and a positive attitude. It’d be great to play with a few other people and take on some awesome challenges too! See ya on Pandora (or Elpis) fellow Vault Hunters.

I am down, GT is SedatedSquirrel
I never played BL2 before, only BL1. Currently at lvl 15

Random match making is awful right right now so add me guys

Rickyh24 is my gamertag

I have characters around every level so I’m down to do whatever.

I am usually running with a lobby of friends, but I will throw my name in the hat.

GT: R0gueSp3ctre18 (the “0” is a zero).

I like long walks on the beach, country music sucks, and my preferred weapon is a 4lb shop hammer.

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Hi, I’ve been playing TPS and am currently Level 14 Lawbringer. I’m a pretty casual gamer and have never played co-op but I’d like to try. 30/f/pacific time zone. Anyone 21+ feel free to add me on xb1, make sure to include a message or I won’t accept. ErmKermberler.