Looking for 3 more for the "who you gonna call achievement"

I’m at the mission now and need 3 for that achievement. Message me if you want to jump on and grab it. GT- CM Hallam

Hey there, im not on XBOX, but here is a little idea for you, if you have a second controller, you can make use of that and log in with a second character, you also could log a third and fourth one in and play the mission, or you just play online for a little and when you have found some people (number of the people you still need) and can communicate with them, ask them to play the mission for the trophy with you, the last thing they’ll tell you is no. I cant say the same for the forum :wink: , but anyway, have a great time! :smiley:

sent you a message on xbox live, i need it too

I’m looking to get this achievement still if you need one more.

GT Archon Ravage

did you get this done? im also looking for the achivement