Looking for 3 more to form PS4 team. Details within

So recently, my team has consisted of myself, my 10 year old daughter and 3 of her 9-11 year old friends. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve won our fair share of battles even defeating aaa in a 2 outa 3.

However, my daughter and I have recently decided to search for 3 more teammates for weekend Pvp.

New players are welcome; we dont mind helping farm up the gears or whatever.

Just send friend request to: Esword330 and/or Emsword330.

Also just to throw it out there, my daughter is really good. Not just “kid” good but actually good. She mains Orendi and Alani.

I play every character well with my mains being Galiliea, Ghalt, IS1C and all supports.

Git up n hit up.



I’m your huckleberry…

By which, i mean, i can be your sub, as i work weekends.


Cool deal.

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Its is fun beating players/teams I know are good, and all with a group of pre-teens but one of the players mains an Attack Ambra so that leaves us needing a 2 support team…which isnt always bad, but in addition they each have their mains and thats ALL they play. No variety.

Tldr: I like playing tanks. And getting some heals.

P.s. Teamees wanted. Headset and positive attitude is all that required.

Edit: Didn’t mean to @ this a Cam. Open to all.

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Sent you a friend request!