Looking for 3 noobs

Looking for non rage-inducing or rage-easy players to show the ropes and play a few fun rounds. If you’re interested add tolkenwhiteboy or Blindbutt08.


Also looking to complete Boldur’s lore.

Not a complete noob but wouldn’t mind learning a thing or two from someone more experienced. wouldn’t hurt to have a group either

Well if you’re looking to group up add one or both of us on PSN. ID’s are tolkenwhiteboy - myself and Blinbutt08.

As of recently with the double exp event we’re working on getting our master titles with the characters we have our lores finished with. Normally we have a third person with us, who’s pretty decent, but we’ve been looking to find a group to work with on some tactics and playthroughs. So feel free to add us and hit us up.

cool, will do. I’ll be on all day tomorrow after 4pm EST