Looking for 40% Weapon Damage while Sliding Shotguns

Does anyone have any good shotguns with this annointment?

One Pump Chump
Sledges Shotgun
The Garcia

I know I had a corrosive Butcher with this anointment but lost it. I’m looking for a friend and have loads to offer anyone who might have something in this description.

Also looking for Ice Breaker Splatter Gun Artifact with Mag Size and hopefully 2 other good perks.


Hey… Me again… I think I have a decent Brainstormer with slide bonus. Maybe others as well. I’ll have a look.

Message me on PSN once you add me. I’ll send the Embers and anything else you might need.

I’ll be on around 8pm central.

Sounds good. Same name for PSN?

Yep sent a request earlier, so you should see me.

Awesome… Just waiting for PS4 Transfer. Kids got me my own machine… Lol.

I’ve got an icebreaker splatter if you’re interested in it. Unfortunately I no mag increase but the perks are: cryo damage, Ffyl duration, incendiary damage.

Only have the incendiary Hellwalker and cryo/incendiary Trevonator shotguns with that anointment.