Looking for 72-ish Fire Sandhawk

I’ve been able to get through the other raid bosses without a Sandhawk, but the Dragons have me stumped. So, yeah. I’d like one if anyone has one to offer, prefix doesn’t matter.

Oh, forgot to mention that I’m offering various Legendaries, including Norfleets and a Sham.

i dont mind to help you but it would be nice if you told what level you are and what timeperiod you`re in

Oh, right, forgot to mention my time. And yeah, I’m Lvl 72, so a 72 Sandhawk would be nice.

I’m living in Japan right now, which is GMT +9. Its 5:00 in the afternoon here, so that’s around 4:00 AM East Coast time. But really, I’m available whenever, I can make whatever time works for you.

My steam name is Kaiser Nikolaus I; if you see me online, I’m available.

A Fire Sandhawk shouldn’t be a problem. I think I have a few of them in my safe.
Do you have any legendary COMs to trade?

Yup! I’ve got a

72 Soldier

71 Roboteer
72 Mechromancer

72 Sickle
66 Torch

72 Berserker

72 Cat
62 Cat
72 Siren
50 Siren

The 72 Sickle sounds interesting for me.

Alright, cool! If you see me online, I’m available.

As stated, steam name is Kaiser Nikolaus I

I sent a friend request to you if you’re still open to trade.