Looking for 72/OP8 Axton gear

I’m new to the forums so hopefully I’m doing this correctly, and in the right place. Anyways…

As the title said, I’m needing some endgame gear for Axton, possibly for an explosive build or a non-elemental build using something like the Rough Rider and Legendary Pointman mod. If there are any veteran Commandos out there with better builds and gear I’m open to that as well!

I’m not an Axton veteran, but I probably have some stuff you could make use of, let me know some specific stuff you’re looking for, i’ll see if I have a Leg. Pointman (probably do), I know I have an OP8 Rough Rider.

Awesome, thanks! Anything at that level would be great but here’s a list of some things I can think of so far:

Shields- Bee, Sham, Rough Rider, Antagonist, Blockade
Grenades- Fastball, Magic Missile, Stormfront
Weapons- Badaboom, Unkempt Harold, Swordsplosion, Sandhawk, Slagga, Pimpernel
Class mods- Any legendary, Grenadier
Relic- Any

My gamertag is Hunter0471, you can add me or message me whenever and I’ll log on

I definitely have OP8 Antagonist, Bee and Rough Rider. I have a 94% Sham but it’s only level 72.

You’re better off with a lower level Magic Missile, I have a 72. I have an OP8 Explosive Fastball, and an OP7 Lobbed Storm Front (not got lucky with a better one yet)

Badaboom is easy to farm so I can get you one, I have OP8 Harold and Pimpernel (Slag) and I can get others. Sadly I don’t have the Sandhawk mission open anymore, it saved accidentally while I was farming a guy a Fire version at 72.[quote=“Hunter0471, post:3, topic:1561822”]
Class mods- Any legendary, Grenadier

Fairly sure I have all of his Legendary COMs although the levels are uncertain.

Any of that would be great, let me know whenever you can log on and I’ll do my best to log on too