Looking for 72+ people to play with

Just started playing again looking for anybody who wants to party up and do level 72/OP stuff, add me on steam Joben420. Level 72 Axton.

Just sent you an invite, I have a 72 Siren I can run.

also invited, usually run krieg.

Aim up for some 72/op stuff. Add me: maadog2029
I run Sal.

Add me!! @sasuke_yes

  • op8 zero (sniper / melee)
  • op8 maya (binder / nurse)

your steam name is wrong.

Keep em coming, always looking for more cool people to group with. Axton is OP 8 now btw, and probably going to level a siren or zerker soon.

Sorry, typo.

PSN: MadDog2029

Added some of you on steam. Ipecac is my steam name.

op8, lets go looting