Looking for a 360 co-op partner

Hi everyone! So, I hope this is the right place to post this, first of all.

Basically, I’m looking for people that I could play Borderlands with. Long story short: my ex-boyfriend got me into this series, and now that he’s gone, I have no one to play these games with. And I think we can all agree that playing Borderlands alone is just not fun at all.

I’m in the central standard time zone, and I’m still stuck on the 360 (I know, ancient history) and to be honest I’m a bit busy with school/work/life so I won’t be available all the time, but when I have some downtime I’d love to find some people I could connect with online and go through a few missions with. My gamertag is jadejuturna, so feel free to send a friend request! :smile:

Last I remember, I had a level 30-something Athena on the Pre-Sequel, and a maxed out Maya in BL2.

You can add me. I also hate playing alone.

I play Eastern Standard Time, 9pm to around 1am, so if our times do cross feel free to send a message on the 360. GT = Name.

yes can be, but I have played alone a lot, but also host open games just to see who (if anyone) drops in.

I prefer to play the game a little first before sending/accepting Friend requests

Note; I do have a Mic, and a large number of toons at different levels so not overly or underly leveled to whoever I’m playing the game with

I’ll be getting back into TPS this weekend. I plan to start a new toon and it won’t take me too long to get to your level. I’ll send you a FR tomorrow when I get on.

Started TPS today (been a while since I played 360) but I am looking for xbox 360 friends to play with, if interested troyglysue is my 360 gamer tag.

Awesome, thanks for the responses, everyone! Look forward to playing with some of you. :slight_smile:

I neglected to mention that I don’t have a mic, but I’ve been considering getting one. Not sure though - it might be painful for everyone involved because I’m a bit (or a lot) awkward when talking to people. But I do like being able to go through missions with someone and directing each other by voice rather than shuffling around the screen thinking “what the heck are they doing???”

Also, I often play while/after drinking, so…if I’m terribad at the game, it’s not entirely my fault? :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s nothing wrong with Irish gaming besides I’m baked most the time

I would say to get one, it’s more fun that way, but in my games it’s not necessary to have one. sorry bout the one game you dropped into a few days ago, the group I was with (all online friends) that night was primarily farming and seeing if we needed to farm our BAR stats more.
Being on my Friends list, you are welcome to drop into my games anytime, have been helping two other friends run throughTVHM (1 on TPS and 1 on BL2) the last couple of nights or send me an invite to your game.

and my Beer Fridge is right next to my game chair and is always stocked :yum:

that’s the way it usually is, except for the game you dropped into, that one was more like “Ok everyone surround the raid Boss and on the count of 3, everyone die” which is exactly what happened :joy:

Haha! Irish gaming, nice. :joy: And really? I’d never be able to tell after seeing your gamertag… :yum:

Oh it’s fine! It was kinda fun actually, I’d never really fought a raid boss with a full team before so it was an experience. And I got my first taste of seraph crystals and weapons so that was awesome. :smiley: