Looking for a 72 bee, will trade a 72 conference call

i need a 72 bee shield, i have a 72 conference call i will trade for it. xboxone gt: acetehubernoob

also have a 72 infinity pistol but would rather trade the conference call for the bee shield.

do you have a legendary soldier mod

Do you want help farming for a bee shield? They are really easy to get if you go to the right place.

I have a op 4 bee shield I can give away if you want it

that would be great.

i have a few flavors if the bee not sure which characters i have them on. send me a message gt is bigbillftw

Unless you are playing as Gaige (with a Necromancer COM), Zer0 (Pistol focused) or perhaps even Nurse Maya (with Restoration to heal someone attempting to revive you in FFYL), you are better off trading the Infinity Pistol. Unless you really don’t like / don’t use Shotguns, the Conference Call is a much more useful weapon in general.

As for farming The Bee, if you have the Tiny Tina Assault on Dragon Keep DLC (IIRC, it comes with The Handsome Collection) then you could head to the first Forest area after reaching Flamerock Refuge. You will want to kill the Elder Treants (the tall trees), since they have a chance to drop The Bee. This method is much more reliable then farming Hunter Helquist. I believe there are 8 or 9 Elder Treants, in total, in this area and each one at least has a chance to drop The Bee. Good Luck!

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