Looking for a 72 Slayer of Terramorpheous

Doing some raid bosses as Krieg, discovered that the Firehawk is all but essential. Any prefix, any parts. Terra will also do, especially since I’m going to be starting a Gaige playthrough after Krieg.

I’ve got some Legendaries and whatnot, if anyone is interested, such as an Ogre.

Still looking for a Slayer of Terra, by the by. Starting the Gaige playthrough.

So yeah, I’ve finished all of the UVHM story, and am 72. Looking to take on Raid Bosses, woo!

So, could use that Slayer of Terramorpheous if anyones got one?

I just ditched one as i am now doing op stuff. I can solo terra so why dont we team up and go get you one?

dontu_worry on Steam.