Looking for a Battleborn team to play competitive matches and scrim with

I have both a PC and PS4 but as i only have the game on PC i would prefer it here but i can be flexible.

Message me on any of these:
Steam: TornPlanet
Twitch: TornPlanet
PSN: TornPlanet

Hey, moved you over to the correct section. While I do recognize that you’re also on PS4, please feel free to start a thread there as well to heighten your chances of getting hits.

Thanks, sorry if i posted in the wrong forum. Heh.

No bother at all @TornPlanet. Glad to help.

Just do open up a PS4 thread for yourself as well, once you get the game on there.

Hello! I think this could interest you. We are looking to establish at least two teams that can scrim together and then reach out to the competitive world with a headstart!