Looking for a better Ice Breaker Victory Rush

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I am looking for one that has a complete combo of either Cryo Damage, Cryo Efficiency, AOE Damage, Mag Size, or Cooldown.

I have lots to trade and hopefully somebody has seen one.


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Still looking for one. Thanks

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I got exactly what you’re looking for.

Mag size, aoe dmg, cryo efficiency.

Have you some sure shot tediore gun with 18 sec splash dmg boost after iron bear ?

I just asked a few of my friends because I don’t have them. I can get some that are homing mirv, but not that anointment.

Anything else you’re looking for?

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No its okey, i can duplicate it anyway so its ok if you dont have what im looking for.

Im gonna login this evening, my psn is Sinolake whats is jours ?

PSN jorgeammo

Really appreciate it. Thanks

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Sent ! have fun :slight_smile:

if you find a tediore pistol sureshot with 120% splash dmg for 18 sec, tip me :slight_smile:

ps ; sent you an extra if you want to try a tediore moze :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

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Thank you too a lot :slight_smile: